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  • Detox
  • Nutritional Discussion & Advice
  • Water aerobics
  • Daily work out programmes
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Cleansing the Body & Mind
  • Meditation
  • The joys & benefits of juicing

These special day or 3 day retreats are set up to give you an introduction to healthy lifestyle, healthy eating & exercise - open to all levels - you don't have to be super fit to join ... you just need to have the desire to know your body better, learn how to feed it healthy delicious tasting nutritious food and learn the basics of Pilates or Yoga or improve on the Pilates or Yoga experience you already have.

There will be time spent in the kitchen learning some simple techniques to maintain flavour and nutrients yet also providing you with a balanced meal plan.

Tanya Smith, our Yoga Instructor

Our Yoga Instructor, Tanya Smith (Kamala Devi) Yoga Siromani, Teacher of Yoga

I live in the Dordogne, France, with my husband Tim and 3 children.  

We moved here from the UK in 2006 where I was a practicing yogini. Ten years on, I am a qualified yoga teacher with over 4 years teaching experience and many more as a practitioner. 

My journey to become a teacher began when my yoga teacher of several years returned to the UK and I could not find anyone to fill her place.  At this time I was asked by a friend if I would share my practice with her and a couple of others.  This soon became a regular class which I gave freely but it soon became clear to me that I would need formal training if I wanted to continue with them. Spurred on by the enjoyment and sense of fulfilment that these classes gave me, I embarked on a teacher training course. After one of the most gruelling months of my life, I qualified from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre at Neuville-aux-Bois, in France, in June 2013.   

It was worth every 5.30am start! It has allowed me to introduce young people to yoga at local primary schools and also to teach yoga at home to students of all levels – from those who are starting yoga for the first time up to experienced practitioners. I also provide a gentle restorative class once a week and, weather permitting I offer yoga at local gite complexes, on request, during the summer months. 

I was introduced to yoga as a teenager. However it was not until I had a family and the pressures that accompany family life that I realised the true benefits of yoga! My aim now is to introduce others to the benefits that yoga can bring.  We all live full but often stressful lives.  Through yoga, we can learn to relax and find not only our natural balance, but an inner calm as well.  

This can be achieved through the adoption of Asana (exercise), Pranayama (breathing), relaxation, diet, positive thinking and meditation. 

In my lessons I teach Hatha yoga. This path teaches ways of controlling the body and mind, including silent meditation. Classes cover yogic postures, breathing and relaxation techniques and a brief meditation.   As a result, I hope that you will experience this ancient way of bringing balance into your life.

Health is wealth.

Peace of mind is happiness.

Yoga shows us the way.

(Swami Vishnudevananda)

Our guest Pilates Instructor, Jackie who will guide, train and teach you Pilates on a daily basis along with meditation sessions. A little bit about Jackie & her qualifications:

jackie"I am a qualified London trained Body Control Pilates Mat Instructor and have been teaching PIlates for the past 10 years. I discovered Pilates after being advised to take it up to help with a lower back pain condition I had at the time. Pilates taught me how to engage and strengthen my core and put my bodyback into balance so that now I am totally pain free and you can be too. After learning how to engage your core I will teach you the classical mat routine.

It is my hope that the knowledge you come away with will help you feel confident to do the pilates routine independent of an instructor.

Water aerobics is a very effective form of exercise that puts little to no stress on the body while at the same time working on muscle tone and flexibility through resistance training.

Meditation, or learning to quiet the mind, is a useful skill to learn. It reduces stress and helps with concentration and focus.

Meanwhile, on a personal level, I am a mother of two children who are now in their mid twenties. I live most of the year with my husband of 29 years in his island home of Bermuda.  I remain active on the local sports scene whether in sailing, running, triathlons or Tuff Mudder Challenges!

I was a broadcast journalist in Toronto, Canada and Hong Kong but now work from home as an artist creating mosaic sculptures and pastels that feature the marine environment.

Jane and I share a special friendship that now spans some considerable time. I met Jane when she was 19 and I a ‘little older’.  She was one of four bridesmaids at my wedding. We shared and share a passion for sports. In more recent years our interests have again overlapped in the area of good nutrition.

So it is a real pleasure and indeed my good fortune that we have the opportunity to work on this venture together.  There is no doubt there will be much laughter and fun while at the same re enforcing good life time habits in the area of exercise and nutrition."

Again these courses will be tailor made to suit your needs - space will be limited and the rooms are available on a twin share basis or you can pay a supplement to have your own room. 

Please contact us for DATES FOR MAY - OCTOBER 2018

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